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Tricolor Wheel (red, green, black)

1. Can be used after diamond wheel grinding
2. Used for speical- shaped glass machine
3. Grinding and polishing
4. For hard and medium grinding for shape edging machine
5. replace of diamond wheel and resin wheel

Product Description

Tricolor Wheel 

三色轮150X22X15X10 红:320# 绿:180# 黑:80# (1)


Tricolor wheel is a resin grinding wheel with three different colors (red, green and black) and different grit (80#,120#,240#). Red layer (inside) is coarse grinding, green layer(middle) is medium sand, and the black layer (outside) is fine sand. It can be used for special- shaped beveling machine, which can replace diamond wheel and resin wheel, and play a role of coarse grinding and poishing. When grinding special-shaped inclined edges, the general practice is diamond wheel-resin wheel-polishing wheel-wool wheel. Now the new tricolor wheel we provide can be used with tricolor wheel-polishing wheel-wool wheel. It does not affect the cutting speed and polishing effect, saves time and labor, and is characterized by sharp cutting, good cutting effect and small wear marks. It is advantageous for polishing.

Technical Data Sheet

Diameter 150
Hole 22mm and other requested size
Height 36mm
Ring Width 15mm
Ring Height 10mm
Grit  Red 320#, Green 180#, Black 80#
Application For hard and medium grinding for shape edging machine
Position POS.1

Detailed pic: 

三色轮150X22X15X10 红:320# 绿:180# 黑:80# (2)

三色轮150X22X15X10 红:320# 绿:180# 黑:80# (3)

三色轮150X22X15X10 红:320# 绿:180# 黑:80# (4)

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