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CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine

GC-LDM-II Vertical CNC Glass Drilling and Milling Machine can automatically perform complex drilling, milling, chamfering and edging functions on large flat glass. The Glass Drilling and Milling Machine Vertical is suitable for the processing of bathroom glass, kitchen glass, frameless door, glass curtain wall, etc. CNC Vertical Glass Drilling Milling Machine adopts the software EasyCAM, which is developed by a team of professional software and process engineers. CNC Glass Drilling Milling Machine has 40 common graphics in the library. Only need to input the necessary size and position to automatically generate the optimal processing process path. Efficient productivity and simple operation make CNC Vertical Glass Drilling Machine the most popular product in 2023.


Product Description


CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine 


GC-LDM-II is a high-tech vertical working center for the deep glass processing industry. It can perfectly complete complex work in a short time and process high-quality and high-precision glass, thereby reducing the problem of poor accuracy of manual drawing and manual cutting.

The machining center adopts the international advanced numerical control system and drive to realize the dynamic management of each axis and the precise speed control.Therefore, the precisely processed glass is of high quality.This is a CNC vertical drilling and milling machine that can handle complex machining elements through simple operations, and has advanced technology that solves the need for machining accuracy, high speed and ease of operation

GC-LDM-II automatically process complex drilling, milling and arrising function on large flat glass.When the glass was loaded on the feeding rack, the machine begins to execute the prepared program on drilling, milling, arrising etc.

The flexibility of the control system can meet the requirement of different products, the whole work is finished automatically. This machine is suitable to process structural glass (Frameless door, glass curtain wall etc.)

The function including:

1. Drilling by two opposite spindles;

2. Milling by single router;

3. Grinding

4. Arrising

5. Polishing(optional)

1.1 GC-LDM-II Structure

The GC-LDM-II is a vertical glass working center; all major parts are protectively covered. The structure occupy less area and positioning is simple,. It also can reduce the obstruct and easy to process the glass sheet and reduce scratches.

The main frame is made of welded structural steel, and the Y and V axis structures are double vertical beams.


X, Y, V, Z, W linear axis are driven by high precision ball screw and slip on the linear slide way. X -axis controls the glass forward or backward, Y and V axis control the up and down movement of the two Spindles, Z and W axis controls the spindle to take or release the tool.

Advantage of this structure:

1. Good rigidity and fast response.

2. High-precision Hiwin (Taiwan HIWIN) ball screw and guide rail can achieve high-precision production.

3. Low wear and tear.The machine maintains high precision after using many years

4. The moving part is lubricated by the centralized oil supply system.。

5. The main part of the protection is made of 201 stainless steel. There are two doors at the front and rear of the protective cover in order to facilitate the observation of the working host, which is convenient for observing the working state in the host.

1.2 Tool magazine (optional)

The tool magazine can be selected as 6*2 tool positions and 8*2 tool positions, so as to realize automatic tool change.

                                         tool magazine

1.3 Electro-spindle

As the main part of the machine, the electro-spindle of Glass-working Center has the following specialty:

1. The spindle motor has the largest constant torque output, the output power is 7.5KW, even if the speed is 12000RPM, the torque can reach 25Nm! High torque output increases processing speed and allows the use of large diameter grinding wheels!

2. The maximum speed can reach 12000RPM.

3. The center of the spindle can pass water, which greatly improves the processing speed and quality during processing.

4. The spindle is water-cooled, and a professional cooling system is used to make the spindle work under constant temperature.

1.4 Type of tools

Design different processing graphics according to different tools. .

milling cutter

     Milling cutter                                         Arrissing                                      Drill bit        


             Drill+Arris tool                           Grinding wheel

1.5 Numerical control

The professional numerical control system is integrated in the working center, and cooperates with the industrial computer to make it easier operate the machine.

The main features of the system:

1. When the machine is working, the operator can edit program on the PC.

2. Easy to understand operation interface;

3. The computer can be connected to the Internet;

4. 19-inch color touch screen;

The main function:

1. Processing monitoring displays information such as the coordinates of each axis, spindle speed, and tools

2. The screen displays the current and total working time

3. Input/output signal diagnosis description

4. Available to operate LEasyCAM software when machine is working

5. Available to do parameter setting

1.6 CAM software

LEASY CAM software can run on Windows 7/8/10, 32/64 bit systems. The software operation is more simple and easy to understand.

Main feature include:

1. Size-driven placement of graphics;simulation setting drawings;Automatically select the appropriate tool according to the graphic elements and create the processing program automatically;

2. LEASY CAM supports graphic library and DXF import function;

3. Intelligently judge the interference area and simulate the operation;

4. Processing information management: use the database to manage the processing map, and it is convenient to view the historical records;

5. Tool route optimized to reduce the idle stroke

6. Automatically adjust the processing speed according to different arc radii to ensure that the grinding line speed is matched;

7. Machine comes with LEASY CAM key.

2 Technical indicators

2.1. Technical parameters

Model No












Glass thickness


Speed of Spindle


Spindle power


Total power


Tool positions(optional)


Tool coner


No. of Axis


Air compression






2.2. Machine configuration

Main body

Structural welded steel, Co2 shielded welding, heat treated

1 set

Control System

Mitsubishi (Japan)

1 set

Servo drive

Mitsubishi (Japan)

5 pcs

Servo Motor

Mitsubishi (Japan)

5 pcs


Inovance(China famous brand)

2 pcs

Low Voltage Appliances

Schneider (France)

1 set

Pneumatic Components

AirTAC (Taiwan)

1 set


GLASS OEM manufactured exclusively for glass grinding.

Speed: 0-12000 rpm Rated power 7.5 kw * 2

2 pcs


Easy CAM(GC)

1 set

Water pump


1 pcs

Spindle water cooler

Made in China

1 pcs

Linear guides

Hiwin (Taiwan,China)

1 set

Ball Screw

Hiwin (Taiwan,China)

1 set

Tool magazine (optional)

6*2 or 8*2 tool positions

1 set

Automatic Lubrication System

BAOTN(China famous brand)


Tool handle and pull stud (optional)

BT30 modification (for GLASS)

12/16 pcs

3 Glass samples:


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