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Glass Tempering Furnace

This machine consists of the Loading section, Heating section, Flat Tempering/Quenching section, Unloading section, Blower System, and Control System. The glass sheet enters into the heating oven from the loading table and is tempered & cooled in a flat quench & cooling section after heating. It goes to the unloading table to finish process.

Product Description

1 machine


Forced-convection Glass Tempering Furnace is a new generation tempering machine to temper flat glass. This machine has some advantages like reasonable technical technology, powerful software function of system control, high reliability, superior insulation function, low production consumption, automatic control by computer, and high capacity, etc. especially for high-grade glass products, such as Low-E glass and coated glass.


1.Loading Section:

The loading section consists of a compound steel structure sheet, transmission system, photoelectric switch and universal ball elevating table, etc.

loading part tempering furnace machine

2.Heating Section:

The heating section includes the roof lifting mechanism, heating system, fast cooling system, thermal balance system, ceramic rollers driving system, the length measuring and temperature measuring devices.

2.oading part tempering furnace machine


3.Flat Quenching (Tempering and cooling) section:

The Quenching section includes steel-structure frame, transmission system, quenching, quenches open/close mechanism, upper-quench elevating frame, and soft air pipes… Quenches are upper and lower two parts, which are connected separately with the air distribution center.

3loading part tempering furnace machine

4.Unloading section:

It’s primarily the same as the loading section. Because of manufacturing ability, there is equipped photo-electric switch at the end part. Rollers will stop running when the glass touches the photoelectric switch, and people unload the glass by hand. The bigger size glass sheets can be unloaded at universal balls elevating table through side-rollers.

4loading part tempering furnace machine

5.Blower system:

The fan Blower system includes the blowers, inverter, air-door control unit, air distribution center, and air adjusting devices for upper quench and lower quench.


6.Control System:

The control system consists of a temperature control system, transmission control system, air route control system, and alarm system during urgent trouble.




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