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6 Suction Cups Armrest telescopic glass vacuum lifter


Product Description


Vacuum glass lifters are widely used for lifting glass sheets in the factory and glass wall installation offsite.

This vacuum glass lifter provides better efficiency and labour-saving solutions, it also lowers the operational risks. Glass sheets are loaded/unloaded and stacked safely.

The lifting air cylinder and rotation air cylinder is from Japan SMC. The suction cups are made of the unique silicones which allow cups to work at -20 degrees and 90 degrees.

The control system will automatically lock the vacuum to prevent accidental vacuum cutting off or air pipe bursts, which can hold up glass for nearly 10-15 minutes.



  • Safe and efficient, labour-saving, space-saving
  • 90-degree tilting button control
  • 350-500kg safe working load limit
  • J apan SMC lifting air cylinder, vacuum generator, one-way valve, vacuum manometer, air cleaner, etc.
  • Extension arms avaiable for different configurations
  • Unique vacuum pads with temperature resistance -20 degree to 90 degree

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