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High Quality Neutrual Silicone Sealant For Glazing Glass

1.Environmental friendly, non-toxic multifunctional glue 2.Excellent sealing waterproof performance and elastic effect 3.Excellent adhesion to glass, wood, ceramics, and other common building materials, not easy to crack 4. Good anti-mildew, anti-yellowing, and anti-aging properties, easy to clean 5. Good resistance to hot and cold climate change, long service life


Product Description

Two-component insulating glass silicone sealant

⭐ Description

A two-component, high stability, neutral curing silicone elastic sealant specially designed for insulating glass assembly.The formula design of this product makes it have high modulus, high strength and other properties to meet the requirements of insulating glass assembly.In addition to the advantages of ordinary silicone sealant, such as weather resistance and high and low temperature resistance, this product also has the characteristics of low air permeability and can be used for secondary sealing of insulating glass.The formula is designed to have high modulus, high strength and other properties.


Secondary bonding and sealing of insulating glass for other construction and industrial uses.


Suggestion before sizing of A and B component mixing, users also can adjust according to actual needs to change the proportions curing speed (volume ratio 8:1, between 12:1).

Under the outdoor environment of high temperature, substrate temperature should not be over 40 construction.

Bonding material compatibility test before use, the ability after confirm qualified construction.

Construction with structural adhesive contact surface must be clean and dry.

Insulating glass sealant3

Insulating glass sealant1

High Quality Neutrual Clean Two Component Silicone Sealant for Double Glazing Glass (1)

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