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Fully automatic top slicing and cutting machine


Product Description

Performance Characteristics:

The equipment covers a small area, operates simply and safely, has high speed and accuracy, saves labor, and can rotate around, around and 360 degrees in the workshop. The machine can automatically locate the angle and position of the glass. Linear cutting and abnormal cutting are integrated, from taking, top cutting to cutting. Dynamic control. The equipment adopts the latest generation of the control system, which truly realizes the close-loop, high precision and high speed of the linkage between the equipment and the computer. Cutting machine has a series of latest functions, such as automatic laser positioning, graphic scanning, etc. It adopts automatic glass typesetting and automatic profile scanning. The use of high-performance servo motor and grinding gear rack ensures the stability of the machine without manual CAD measurement and drawing. It has high precision, high speed, and long service life. The cutter wheel is imported from Germany with a high hardness cutter wheel, and the cutter head is equipped with a protective device. Effective anti-collision knife, and can be installed with automatic transmission, automatic labeling, and splitting table to achieve pipeline operation.


Main Technical Parameters:





3630*4700*1400 mm

3910*4700*1450 mm

Workbench height

850 mm

850 mm

Max. Cuttable Glass Size

2000*2440 mm

3660*2800 mm

Cutting thickness

3-19 mm

(Air pressure adjustment)

3-19 mm

(Air pressure adjustment)

Cutting speed

0-180 m/min

0-180 m/min

Power/Compressed Air

380V/50Hz 0.6 MPA

380V/50Hz 0.6 MPA

Upper slice speed

15-40 s

15- 40 s

Installed power

11.8 kw

11.8 kw


3000 KG

3100 KG







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